how to get Garmin map update for free ?

You can keep the Garmin GPS devices in your car to make the drive to the unknown locations as simple as cruising your neighborhood. The Garmin GPS device determines your exact location using GPS satellite and provides you guide for routes to reach your destination. However, your Garmin device needs to have an updated map to be effective. If your maps are out dated, it could send you to the wrong routes. Fortunately, Garmin gives you chance to download Garmin maps updates for free. 

Garmin map updates online release updates several times in a year. If you are wondering how to get Garmin map updates for free, you can follow the steps provided in this blog. You can install the Garmin express app on your Windows or mac computer for map updates. 

How to update Garmin GPS ?

Garmin map updates online are small and they do not take much time to download. Ensure you install the latest version of the Garmin express software on your computer as it will help you incorporate all the necessary updates for your maps. Now, go through these steps to understand how to get Garmin map update for free.

Connect the Garmin to computer

You will need to connect the Garmin GPS device to your computer. Remove it from your vehicle and use a USB cable to connect the GPS device to your laptop. Now, follow the prompts to begin the process automatically.

Install Garmin Express

Now, you need to download Garmin express software for your computer. On the Garmin express software download page, select either you want Garmin express for windows or Garmin express for Mac. Once the software is download, follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Access or purchase Garmin map updates

Now, you can begin to update Garmin maps. Open the software, click on ‘add device’ option and locate your GPS device. The app will search for automatic updates. Click ‘Map Updates’ and wait for the process to be completed. Garmin maps updates are for free so you don’t need to pay anything for that.

Disconnect the device

Once you have successfully completed Garmin map updates online, click ‘Eject’ to safely remove the device from the laptop and unplug the USB cable. Now, you can plug the Garmin GPS device back into your vehicle. Now, you can rest assured as your direction will be accurate now. 

If you have more queries regarding how to get Garmin map updates for free, you can ask our experts to resolve them for you. You can get the complete answer on Garmin map updates online by calling our technical experts on their toll-free number.